Dancing Dragon Tantra distills the learnings of my personal journey to awaken, cultivate and lead shakti-kundalini – the sacred creative energy pulsating at the root of life, consciousness and sexuality.

My approach blends many different teachings. The practices I engage help release emotional and energetic blockages like fear, shame, jealousy and self-judgement. This expands our capacity to experience the bliss, freedom and innate wisdom of your awakening life force energy. 

I embrace and harness the energies of desire and sexuality as a source of transcendent bliss, creativity, abundance and flow. 

I work with this energy to shift, digest and transmute “stuck” patterns and experience the blissful union of naked awareness and the playful dance of forms. ​

As we master this energy, we become more sensitive, skilled and playful lovers and access deeper pleasure with our partners.

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience, I work with women, men and couples in absolute discretion, privacy and respect using a variety of modalities including dialogue, touch, breath, voice, sound, movement, ritual and plant medicines.

I offer in-person sessions in Cape Town, and online Zoom sessions for clients globally.