Are you one of many seekers looking for an introduction to authentic tantrik view and way of being? Awakening to the transformational power of Kundalini and learning to flow and align with Her divine desire is core to tantra yoga.

Yet many seekers on the contemporary spiritual scene lack reliable maps of the terrain. Nor do they have perspectives and practices to craft a reliable vessel to traverse the terrain of awakening.

Join me in a series of short evening talks in which we explore some essential themes in tantra, how they could juice up your life and amp up your experience of embodied pleasure and sexuality. The talks will introduce key concepts and practices drawn from ancient taoist and tantrik traditions and reveal their relevance to contemporary seekers:

  • WTF is Kundalini?
  • So, you want to awaken “your” kundalini?
  • Kundalini is alive and kicking… now what?
  • Enjoy the ride…!

Each talk will be about 30 minutes long, followed by 15 minute q&a and a 15 minute closing circle.

When: Tuesday evenings 19:00-20:15;

Contribution: R100, bring snacks to share after

Venue: TBC

WTF is Kundalini?

With this talk, we explore the origins of the kundalini teachings and what this is all about.

  • Where does this thing come from?
  • The serpent Goddess coiled at your root?
  • What happens when the serpent awakens?
  • Longing for Union: Where is She headed?
  • Samskaras and Siddhis – kundalini, trauma and empowerment
  • The Dark Side of the Force: Why you might want to purify and cultivate your light body.

So you want to awaken “your” kundalini?

How to cultivate and activate sacred life force energy is the key question we discuss in this talk.

  • Bodhicitta: Void, Co-emergence, and Compassion
  • The sacred body as a pilgrimage path
  • Elements of the light body – channels, flows, plexus, orbs, vortices and fields
  • Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama
  • Mantra
  • Tsa Lung
  • Daoyin
  • Shakti Touch

Kundalini is alive and kicking… now what?

In this talk, we explore some of the side-effects that can arise when the sacred serpent stirs, and how we can deal with the fall-out.

  • Dukkha – Recognising trauma and triggers
  • Samskaras, distortions and projections
  • Alchemizing the five poisons – rage, craving, pride, anxiety, confusion
  • Shaking medicine
  • Polyvagal yoga

Enjoy the ride…!

How kundalini empowers eroticism is the main question we consider in this talk.

  • What is the connections between kundalini and sex?
  • Opening up to the Big O – you mean that kundalini can flood me with orgasmic bliss anywhere, anytime?
  • How kundalini yoga can amp up your sex drive?
  • Karmamudra – Sacred sex to grow and weave Kundalini