Tantrik practices are deeply transformative and powerful, so they do entail risks. To manage these, I establish clear boundaries and informed consent with clients. In my sessions, I orient myself by the Intimacy Coach International Code of Conduct

“We always explain what part of the body we will touch and why, before the session begins, and this never changes during the session.” We will establish up-front what your hard boundaries are, i.e. what areas you definitely do not want to be touched.

“We do not have sex with our clients in session under any circumstances, either genital or oral.” “We do not french kiss our clients in session.” This can create hormonal, emotional and energetic imprints and also entails an infection risk.

“You will never be asked directly after a touch-work session to commit to a course or programme, due to the chemicals released in your body.” The blissful, relaxed states that we may enter during tantrik work can make us very receptive and suggestible. To honour this vulnerability, I do not invite you to commit to any product or service after session. 

“Nudity has a reason, and if it’s necessary for the session, is explained before the session begins.” As with touch, we will agree to the boundaries for a particular session before practical work begins, and stick to this agreement.

“Right of admission is reserved.” If I feel that my work will not serve the mutual interests of a prospective client and myself, I reserve the right to respectfully decline. 

“At any point, in any process, a client reserves the right to discontinue the session.”