In this section of the website, I offer a series of short videos and notes about core elements of my practice. These are gleaned from over three decades of exploration with different teachers.

All of these practices are designed to awaken and cultivate your vital life force energy to enable you to access more robust health, focused energy, deep bliss and transcendent states of consciousness.

I offer these practices to support you in your own journey of exploration – apply discernment, use what works, shelve the rest.

The e-learning platform contains the following sections:

Essential Concepts: This section introduces the conceptual framework with which we can describe, understand and navigate the experiences which the practices help us to access. Click here to explore.

Preliminaries: These are essentially warm-ups designed to awaken your shakti/qi and prepare for other exercises. Click here to explore.

Daoyin Qigong: These taoist qigong exercises are more active and external, designed to stretch muscles and tendons, activate shakti/qi, and allow it to circulate more freely.

Wutang Qigong: Named after a remote mountainous region famous as a centre of taoism, these qigong exercises are more subtle and internal, designed to heighten your sensitivity to shakti/qi and channel it to the hands to sweep through the energy field surrounding and interpenetrating the body, clearing, aligning and activating.

Tsa Lung: These exercises are derived from Tibetan Vajrayana and Bon Yoga . They are executed in a seated position and involve vigorous movements and strong breath retention (bandhas), They are primarily aimed at activating and purifying the three primary channels and five chakras.

Inner Tantra Yoga: These exercises are derived from both inner (nei dan) qigong and vajrayana, bon and shaiva tantra. They involve learning to sense and move prana/qi internally through different channels and centres through meditative cultivation of imagery, subtle sensations, breath, and focused intent.

Partnered Tantra Yoga: This section introduces a series of practices that enable you to apply your mastery of subtle energy to play with others.

Sexual Tantra Yoga: Building on the partnered yoga exercises, this section introduces the application of the principles and capabilities developed in solitary and partnered practice to sexual intimacy.