Intimacy Coaching

Using dialogue, appreciative enquiry, solo and partnered practices, this training aims to enable you to access deeper states of intimacy with yourself and your lover and to become a more sensitive and skilful lover.

My coaching incorporates both ancient tantrik and modern approaches based on neuropsychology. Exploring and de-constructing limiting beliefs and feelings about sexuality, including shame, feelings of inadequacy, and jealousy, we can open up spaces of greater confidence, ease, and joy in expressing our sensuality and sexuality. My approach is informed by contemporary advances in the neurobiology of pleasure, sexuality, attachment and trauma.

We will also work with specific practices and techniques that enhance sensitivity, enable you to sink into deeper states of embodied pleasure, and extend the depth, intensity and duration of love-play.

My coaching is particularly aimed at couples who are exploring aspects of non-monogamy and polyamory, but also at couples who are committed to deepening in an exclusive relationship as tantrik consorts exploring a path of sacred sexuality together.