Tantrik yoga coaching

Do you want to explore your own tantrik path?

I offer one-on-one guidance and training incorporating dialogue as well as solo and partner practices that integrate breath, voice (mantra), movement, visualisation and shaktipat transmission.

This training will empower you to not only unlock deeper levels of bliss and also to cultivate shakti to access a more profound sense of purpose and energy to pursue your own path in truth, beauty and love.

This offering introduces a series of practices designed to deepen your awareness of vital energy (shakti-kundalini), to cultivate this energy, and to expand your capacity to lead and direct it. The practices are based on taoist qigong and tantrik pranayama practiced in tibetan bon and vajrayana buddhism. 

These exercises enhance your ability to experience bliss and vitality, to work with strong feelings and emotions, to improve your health and vitality and also to become more sensitive to the weaving of vital energy into intimate relationships and sexuality. 

Conscious and skillful weaving of shakti opens up entire new dimensions of bliss and connection in the realm of sexuality and intimacy.