My Path

My name is Flo, and Dancing Dragon is a medicine name that found me during a trance dance. The offerings on this page are a provisional menu of the practices and concepts I have found useful on my journey.

My approach is syncretic – that means I weave together many different perspectives and practices. Though I reference various tantric traditions, I do not claim to represent any particular lineage or tradition, nor do I follow any single teacher closely. I openly embrace sensuality and sexuality as essentially pure and spiritual. I pursue my own tantrik practice within the context of intimate consort relationships rather than through workshops or retreats.

My spiritual path – an assemblage of shamanic, taoist, buddhist and tantrik practices – nurtures and inspires my core work as a social scientist interested in the politics of food as well as my role as a father to two beautiful children. In keeping with both scholarly and tantrik custom, I openly acknowledge my teachers and sources with deep gratitude.


After initially encountering buddhist and taoist philosophy through my training in martial arts since 1990, I began training in taoist qigong in 1997 with the Sinhalese buddhist martial artist Chandana Muthunayake and Black Forest sufi recluse Aziz. Since 2008, I have practiced daoyin yangshen gong and wutang qigong which I learned from Swiss qigong afficionado Max Weier. I also participated in an intensive energy healing training offered by Indonesian teacher Del Pe.

Yoga and Tantra

Since 2009, I have practiced elements of kundalini and vinyasa yoga as taught by Itta Roussos and Melanie Castleman. At this time I also began learning tibetan yoga (trulkhor and tsa lung) as revealed by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in books and videos, and have since studied online with Dr Ian Baker, Tibetan doctor and Yuthok Nyingthik lineage-holder Dr Nida Chenagtsang and Bhutanese yogini Tshering Choeden of the Vajrapath. I have also been closely following the translations, teachings and discourse of tantrik scholar-practitioner, Dr Christopher Wallis.


At the same time, I also began a love affair with conscious dance, exploring modalities including Nia with Susan Sloane, 5 rhythms with Hannah Loewenthal, Expressive Movement with Sian Palmer, Tandava with Valentina Leo, Movement Medicine with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling-Khan, Dance Awake with Yanna Romano, and Ecstatic Dance with various DJs.


I received shaktipat in 2009 from Dr Carey, who traces his line of transmission via Dr Ram Bhosle to guru Bhagawan Nityananda and to legendary Mahavatar Babaji. This transmission activated the movement of shakti, awakening the shaking medicine, which regularly arises when I expand into emptiness and bliss. I consider the shaking medicine to be a direct experience of Shakti Kundalini, an inner teacher who guides my path and empowers my movement.


My interest in shamanic practices began in my late teens, when I learned of the trance dances of the San. I began exploring entheogens as a shamanic path in 1997, and have worked intimately with teonanacatl, wachuma and ayahuasca. My shamanic calling has introduced me to the sacred instruments of the didjeridoo, shaker, the Lakota medicine drum and the courting flute. The expression of healing voice led to a deep exploration of mantra and medicine chants.

Working with a dynamic blend of dialogue, vocalisation, sacred sounds, resonant touch and tantrik pranayama, I am stepping into my calling as a guide and channel for shakti, offering my insights and core practices to authentic seekers.