Kaula Chakra Testimonials

“Happy to be on that journey of discovery with you all. Feel blessed after gatherings like Sunday’s❤️”

“I had a Great time – I felt very very comfortable.”

“Mmmm…the beautiful memories of last night are making it tricky to concentrate on work today 🥰”

“Thanks to everyone for co creating such a nourishing, juicy and expansive space, and to flo for providing the opportunity for connection – a distinguished group indeed.”

“It was very beautiful. Such trust and flow. 💞🙏🏿”

“I had a wonderful time! Thank you everyone for holding an expanding, conscious, safe space.”

“It was a very memorable evening. Much love ❤️❤️❤️”

“Love the reflections and discussions after as a way of learning.”

“The gatherings have so much richness during and afterwards…It’s a continuous dance of presence remaining aware of all the different eros, energies, expectations arriving.”

“I enjoyed every minute of it”

“I thought the space was beautifully held and I had a heightened sense of being able to experience different energies through my ‘bodies’ . I am very grateful.”

“I have been processing the powerful energy of the practice and experiencing significant shifts away from attachment and embracing insecurity and space.”

“I had a very sacred experience all round. The holding of the space and the order of things was also beautiful – it works well”

“Feeling blessed to have been present, playful and sharing with all of you”

“Feeling very blessed to have access to such incredible tools to learn about myself, others and the dance in between💚”

“Thanks everyone for creating a safe space for me to explore my sexual being – I had a wonderful time and looking forward to the next gathering.🥰”

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