“I deserve pleasure”

“Yesterday woke something in me. My energy levels are really high considering. Showing me yonis are to be loved and worshipped gave me insight into how I’ve been choosing selfish lovers… I don’t have anything to hide. I need to learn to love my body as it is. And appreciate it. And mostly I need to put my pleasure and yoni 1st. I deserve pleasure. I want to focus on building my energy…. To truly accept myself as I am and not feel like shy and have to switch the lights off. Thank you for sharing your space with me. And for the tea. And for making me feel truly wanted for who exactly who I am. As I said – you have a gift. Truly. And now having experienced last night, my mind set has changed. It was like being in a different universe. Thank you again for sharing your sacred space, energy and knowledge with me… I am so grateful to you.” – K.N.


“I just woke up. I slept so well. Since I woke up I haven’t been able to get the experience out my mind. It was truly incredible. You really listened to my needs and you gave me exactly what I needed. Thank you so very much. It will be difficult to find someone fill your shoes. I also feel you have awoken the goddess in me and I’m truly grateful. It was magical. I felt so loved. So at ease. So comfortable. So safe. It was truly the best experience I’ve ever had. I feel I have a lot more to give to my clients in terms of experience of authentic touch.” – T.J.

“Powerful Awakening”

“I have dabbled in many types of meditation and introspective practices and my 2 hour dancing dragon session With Flo was A wonderful and extremely powerful experience. The blending of different modalities worked seamlessly and helped open my energy channels and I felt safe with Flo holding space. For anyone who had practiced Qi Gong or shaking medicine this will deepen your practice and for those who are curious, you couldn’t ask for a better practitioner than Flo to guide you in this journey. Flo also has incredible Historical and academic knowledge on these practices and was so willing to chat about His experiences with the practice and gave me space to share mine. Overall this was a beautiful and significant activation for me and I definitely recommend it to others wanting to explore their own kundalini energies.” – T.

“Authentic, vulnerable and from the heart. Beautiful. Well done. A true warrior.” – S.

Wow. [….] I feel great. I was exhausted when I got home and fell into a deep sleep. I already feel more connected and aware.”  – J.

“A true friend of the feminine” -A.